Whether microliters or nanoliters Seyonic's line of pipetting products fits the application.

Nanoliter Pipetting

In order to reduce consumption of valuable samples, the ability to deliver smaller volumes in a validated transfer procedure is making a large impact into the method development groups in the Life Science industry.  In applications that require non-touch sample transfers in the nanoliter range, this Sensor Controlled Pipetting (SCP) now bring validated results to applications like Protein Crystallography Plate Setup, MALDI spotting, microarray spotting, nanotitrations and MS Sample Prep.  New applications of this SCP allow for the miniaturization and validation of larger volumes assays in HTS (High Throughput Screening), hit picking for secondary screening, direct dilutions and nucleic acid microarray pipetting.


Microliter Pipetting

With the implementation of Sensor Controlled Pipetting (SCP) in independent tips, 8 tip fixed-channels and 96 channel heads the ability to quickly develop methods, track liquid transfers and validate the liquid handling of an automated platform is realized.  Since SCP delivers precise liquid volumes accommodating for temperature and viscosity on the fly, it is now possible to quickly program a liquid handler without the need to calibrate and develop liquid classes for each liquid and volume.  This no means that users of SCP may now concentrate on the actual automated program saving about 80% of the development work in liquid class development.  Applications of this air-based SCP correspond to basically any work being done with a hand held pipettor with volume ranges from 500 nL to 1000 uL, and even up to 10 mL for applications like whole blood transfers.