Dual Pressure/ Vacuum Controller

Model PCNC-0071-00

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Product summary

The System Controller allows seamless integration of the Seyonic Air driven Pipettors with the customer automated platform.

It acts as utility module serving the pipetting systems and provides the interface between the pipetting system and the automated platform’s host computer. It operates up to 8 Single-Channel units or one of the 8-Channel modules by supplying the necessary vacuum and positive pressures for pipetting actions while acting as a central connection point for commanding the pipettor channels.

The system interface consists of a panel providing communication to the host PC via a TCP/IP port, a connector for hardware I/O signals for realtime coordination of the pipetting actions with the robotic system and the connection to the pipettors. Outlets for positive and negative pressure allow chaining 4-mm tubing to bring the working pressure to the pipettors.


  • System Controller for Seyonic Air Driven Pipetting Systems
  • Operates up to 8 single channel pipetting modules (PCNC-0061-00) or one 8-channel unit (PCNC-0070-00).
  • Dual Pressure/Vacuum Source for fast switching time between aspirate and dispense pressure.
  • Single point interface with the application host computer.

Single Channel Dispenser(s), Dual Pressure control, Ethernet Connection

In this configuration, each pipetting channel has its own switch valve to commutate between vacuum and pressure. It is thus possible to aspirate and dispense with different channels at the same time. The Ethernet connection to the controller ensures a high communication speed and is recommended when a larger number of pipettors is used.

8-Channel Dispenser, Dual Pressure control, Ethernet Connection

The Dual Pressure Controller with Ethernet connection is recommended for the Fixed-8-Channel Pipettor for optimum pipetting speed. In this case, the pipetting channels share a common pressure switching valve and cannot independently aspirate and dispense at the same time. 


Pressure range

  • -600 to +600 mbar gauge

Precision on pressure

  •  < 1 % FS


  • TCP/IP Protocol
  • Ethernet RJ45 connector

Power requirements

  • DC 24 V / 60W

Operating temperature

  • 10 to 40 °C


  • 5.0kg

The Technology

Seyonic Sensor Controlled Pipetting systems provide accurate and precise liquid handling in the microliter to milliliter volume range. Operation is controlled through measurement of displaced air volumes by means of a flow sensor, integrated directly in the pipetting head, in connection with a high-speed solenoid valve.