Sensor Controlled Pipetting (SCP) devices now offer sample transfer volumetric validation within applications that deal with complex sample matrixes.  Tissue, cells, serum, plant extracts and even forensics field sample collection utensils, like swabs, create pipetting issues for liquid handlers without the ability to monitor, control and recover from clogging.  SCP not only offers the recovery of complex pipetting matrixes but actively accommodates for sample viscosity and temperature automatically eliminating the need to develop complex liquid classes for every type of sample matrix.

Independent SCP tips and the newly developed 96 SCP Head offer the same type of liquid handling with the 96 SCP head offering independent monitoring AND independent recovery from EACH tip in the head.

  • PCR Cleanup
  • Expression Cloning
  • Post PCR Cleanup
  • Nucleic Acid Purification
  • DNA Quantification
  • Normalization


  • DNA can be normalized through microliter pipetting of different volumes for each sample for an entire plate at once.
  • Monitored flow rates with sensors through a solid phase extraction (SPE) PCR cleanup process.
  • Validated sample transfer of a half to one microliter in the PCR setup process.