OEM Products

Seyonic has developed a unique technology for accurate pipetting of liquid samples. High precision, reliability and complete volumetric validation are achieved by using a MEMS flow sensor real-time volume measurement and feeback control independent of the sample liquid properties. These pipetting heads have been designed to address the needs of all kinds of applications including low volume HTS, ELISA, blood typing, reagent dispensing, protein crystallization, as well as for clinical diagnostic applications requiring reporting and validation at micoliter to mililiter ranges.

Air Based Microliter Pipetting

In addition to the liquid based nanoliter system, the Seyonic flow sensor technology also transfers well to an air based microliter systems. In this air based system the flow sensors still allow the real-time measurement and control of liquids.  With a dynamic volume range between 0.5 uL and 1000 uL this air based system makes the perfect complement for most major applications in Pharmaceutical, BioTech and Diagnostics companies. Standard pipetting systems are readily available in 8-Channel and single-Channel versions.

OEM Solutions

Seyonic provides OEM Pipetting solutions for integration onto Laboratory Equipment Manufacturer's automated platforms. Given the Seyonic technology abilities to monitor and record actual volumes transfered for every sample and reagent handled on an automated platform, highly regulated environments like the IVD and diagnostics fields are a perfect fit while standard R&D pipetting is brought to a greater level of reliability.