Benefits on how validated sample transfers aid in the 'chain of custody' of important sample data with the production of an actual validation graph for each pipetting event.

ELISA assays are now optimized using the Independent SCP Tips and 96 Channel SCP Head.  With the ability of independently controlling each tip with individual volumes and volume verification, an entire 96 well assay plate may be diluted and mixed in a single step.

The 96 Channel SCP Head can be used to dilute assay plates for an ELISA assay in multiple high throughput ways:

  1. An entire 96 well compund plate can be diluted with different volumes or a single reagent as conjugate, substrate, or stop with recorded verified volumes for EVERY transfer.
  2. A 384 well assay plate may be diluted in 5 steps with a single aspiration and 4 dispenses since the head may multi-pipet different volumes over multiple plates.
  3. A serial diluted assay plate may be created by picking up either single rows of columns of tips to run the serial dilution over a single plate.

In addition, the single channel independent tips may also perform any of the above tasks with the same performance and validation and is required for applications like hit picking for a secondary assay when individual well and / or tube access is required.