IVD Diagnostics

Real time quality control in liquid transfer operations can eliminate false assay results due to transfer failures using the Seyonic closed-loop Sensor Controlled Pipetting (SCP) device. Real-time data acquisition enables the detection of ordinary fault conditions like clogged tips or unexpected empty source wells and can activate automatic recovery actions without human intervention. Exported quality data of EVERY liquid transfer operation with an automated system can be used for bio-informatics data analysis as well as documentation for regulatory agencies.


  • Either Independent SCP Tips or 96 channel SCP heads for high throughput validated liquid transfers.
  • Quick development times due to no liquid class development.
  • Validated samples and reagent transfers for regulatory sample data confirmation.
  • Factory calibrated flow sensor giving each tip the same results as the next and each pipetting platform the same data curves as the next.
  • Self-diagnostics that are associated with the flow sensors giving technical support the ability to quickly and efficiently address customer issues.