Air Based Microliter Pipetting

Seyonic Pipetting Technology

Seyonic’s Sensor Controlled Pipetting technology allows very precise monitoring of the liquid handling process. It thus provides not only accurate volume control but also detects pipetting errors in real time. Therefore every pipetting operation can effectively be validated as it is going on. The Process Control Diagnostics allow detection of partial or complete air aspiration while calculating the actually aspirated sample volume. In case of tip clogging, operation is halted immediately to permit the best possibility for recovery.
Process Control Diagnostics are based on analysis of changes in pipetting flow. It is therefore largerly independent of the volume or pipetting speed and does not need to establish guide band reference curves for every possible specific pipetting operation.

Air Based Microliter Pipetting


Microliter/Milliliter Air Based System

  • Sensor Controlled Pipetting allows the active 'volumetric' monitoring of pipetting leading to more precise and validated liquid transfers
  • Factory calibrated 'out-of-box' pipetting
  • Reproducibility from tip to tip and platform to platform
  • Wide Dynamic range from 0.5 µL to 1 mL using the same device
  • Individual channel control
  • Active and continuous  monitoring
  • No cross contamination with the use of disposable tips
  • Liquid level sensing with standard clear tips
  • Actually see the liquid in your tips, as opposed to black poly carbonate tips


over microliter/milliliter liquid based systems

  • Reduced liquid class development
  • No dilution effects from fluid filled microliter/milliliter systems
  • No hydraulic system fluid, reservoir or liquid lines throughout to maintain and purge daily
  • No hand tightened fittings
  • Easy service diagnostics
  • No remote syringes for liquid handling
  • No need for expensive 'black' tips to sense liquid levels


over other air based systems

  • Actual volume measurement error handling as opposed to other systems that only report a clogged tip or short sample
  • Reduced liquid class development
  • No syringe seals to monitor

The Technology

Seyonic Sensor Controlled Pipetting systems provide accurate and precise liquid handling in the microliter to milliliter volume range. Operation is controlled through measurement of displaced air volumes by means of a flow sensor, integrated directly in the pipetting head, in connection with a high-speed solenoid valve.