Accurate. Validated. Reproducible.

With sample handling volumes ranging from a few nanoliters to a milliliter, Seyonic offers the latest technology called Sensor Controlled Pipetting (SCP) giving all of our prodcuts volume verified pipetting. With the use of proprietary in-line flow sensors, Seyonic now offers every customer the ability to transfer liquids with monitored 'volumetric' results.  Tip to tip and machine to machine, the same perfect results every time!

OEM Pipetting Systems

Nanoliter - Microliter - Milliliter
Sensor Controlled Pipetting Systems


  • Factory calibrated 'out-of-box' pipetting
  • Reproducibility from tip to tip and platform to platform
  • Wide Dynamic ranges within each product offering
  • Individual channel volumetric control
  • Active and continuous monitoring
  • Allows the active 'volumetric' monitoring of pipetting
  • leading to more precise and validated liquid transfers


Seyonic Robotic Station

Compact and affordable platform especially designed to relieve the burden of routine manual pipetting tasks for (academic) research applications. It is equipped with Seyonic's unique Sensor Controlled Pipetting Technology that allows precise monitoring of the liquid handling process. The platform is controlled via an intuitive iPad® user interface that permits quick and easy definition of experimental protocol without requiring robotic experience.



SeyMotion Personal Pipettor

Nanoliter Pipetting

Microliter Pipetting


Seyonic SA specializes in microsystem technology for measurement and control in laboratory instrumentation. Our core competency is accurate small volume liquid handling in the microliter and sub-microliter range. Seyonic develops applications, manufactures components, and assembles and tests OEM instrument sub-systems. Seyonic was founded in 1998 and is based in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

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