8-Channel Pipettor

Model PCNC-0090-00 

Air Driven Volume Range 0.5 uL to 1000 uL

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Product summary

The Air-driven OEM 8-Channel Pipetting Head with integrated flow sensor is suited for liquid handling in microliter to milliliter volume range.

This product has been designed to fit a wide range of applications where action validation and process surveillance is required. The use of a dedicated MEMS flow sensor at the pipetting site allows complete validation of aspiration and dispense actions in real time, as well as providing clogging detection and other process monitoring information.

The Pipettor operates with a pressure/vacuum source, typically in the range of ± 200 mbar gauge for aspiration/dispense pressure. The pressure controller further acts as System Controller by providing a single port access from the host computer. Integrated high level coordination between the pressure source and the pipetting unit allows an efficient and rapid integration of the unit onto our customer’s automated platforms.


  • General liquid handling
  • Clinical diagnostics
  • High throughput screening


  • Wide dynamic range: 0.5 µL to 1 mL
  • Reporting and validation for all actions on all channels
  • High precision
  • Individual channel control
  • Independent mix capability
  • Independent Liquid Level Detection (LLD) on each channel
  • Tip Clogging Detection (TCD)
  • 9 mm tip spacing
  • Electrical tip ejection with tip presence sensors


Operating Principle

Aspiration and dispense of the liquid sample is driven by vacuum and positive pressure.

A common inlet port provides aspiration/dispense pressure to all channels. In each channel, a solenoid valve is coupled to a silicon MEMS flow sensor that controls the pipetted volume and allows precise tracking of the operation of the channel.

The Flow sensor and the control electronics provide precise Liquid Level Detection (LLD) on a per channel basis. The LLD signal can be read via a hardware line. Triggering of pipetting actions can be driven via a hardware line, in addition to being operable via software command on the serial line. A wide range of applications can thus be rapidly implemented.



  • 1 µL     < 5 %CV
  • 5 µL     < 2 % CV
  • >20 µL < 1 %CV


  • 1 µL       < 10 %
  • 5 µL       < 2%
  • >20 µL   < 1 %
  • Typical Dispensing speed: 20 µL/s to 600 µL/s

Power Requirements

  • 24V / 60W, includes Pressure Controller PCNC-0071-00
  • Communication TCP/IP
  • Weight   1.2 kg


  • Operating temperature: 10 to 40 °C
  • Aspirate/Dispense:  0.5 µL to 1 mL

The Technology

Seyonic Sensor Controlled Pipetting systems provide accurate and precise liquid handling in the microliter to milliliter volume range. Operation is controlled through measurement of displaced air volumes by means of a flow sensor, integrated directly in the pipetting head, in connection with a high-speed solenoid valve.